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New Girl is a fun and inviting modern show about 4 friends and their lives together. TV Shows that are similar to New Girl, include; Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement and so much more. All of these shows have a great sense of humor and they also showcase the best friendships in television. Zooey Deschanel plays the character Jess in the New Girl series. Jess is a school teacher who loves arts and crafts and has a bubbly personality. I want to carry over her personality and crafty style to the show open for this series. By using unique shapes, colors and textures, I will create boards that are aesthetically appealing to the eye, creating a great range of motion within my frames. I want the colors to be bright and warm and everyone to be thrilled to watching New Girl. Jess is the glue to the friendships that are in the show, she is the one person that has brought all of the characters together. With good friendships comes honest dependable people who are always there for each other. An interesting trait I want to emphasize is that idea of friendship. In this dramadey, the characters are never changing and the same thing goes for this drama comedy TV Show. With this show open I want to resemble a friendship photo album that is very artsy with great elements that resemble the show. The images on each page will be collaged together with ribbons, paper cut outs and small elements like flowers, bugs, etc.


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