When creating the Live Wild project, my partner Allison and I were drawn to Tactile Design because it was something we both had never done before. Once we got to looking at Pintrest and remembering arts and crafts from out childhood we came up with a TV Spot for Cartoon Networks, Adult Swim. The idea was to create a small camp site in a forrest with a couple campers that has a sick twist to it. Starting with an establishing shot of the site then introducing the characters as the action unfolds. The male camper made out of a clothespin and string decides its time for a cigarette, and when going to light it he begins to catch on fire. He panics and so do the girls, as he falls to the ground and starts the fire for the female campers. Cutting back to the wide shot showing the phrase "Live Wild." The materials used were, card board, clothespins, string, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, paint, and small sticks.